Nancy A. Morgan

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Nancy's Bio

I have been practicing law for over 25 years. I have focused primarily on Aboriginal and environmental law. I was drawn to this practice area because of my strong beliefs in social justice and sustainability. My work has taken me across BC and north to the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Initiatives I have had the privilege of playing a role in include:

• establishment of the BC treaty process
• negotiating and implementing modern treaties in BC and the Yukon
• recognition of First Nations’ jurisdiction over education
• negotiating shared decision-making and revenue-sharing agreements
• negotiating impact benefit agreements with industry
• drafting legislation and policy.

I also assist First Nations and Aboriginal organizations in shaping their governance and administrative structures to meet their needs and their aspirations. As well, I have served as a director of West Coast Environmental Law and EAGLE, and on the executive of the CBA-BC Environmental Law Section.

The Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory has listed Nancy as one of Canada's leading lawyers in the field of Aboriginal law.


Stacey Edzerza Fox

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Stacey's Bio

I have always felt a deep-rooted responsibility to stand up for what is right. I grew up learning about the discrimination experienced by my Tahltan ancestors, and witnessed first-hand the injustices and socio-economic conditions experienced by First Nation communities. These inspired me to become a lawyer and to dedicate myself to working for First Nations. It is my passion to assist First Nations to regain their vibrant cultures and languages, and for my son to experience this cultural resurgence.

Since becoming a lawyer in 1999, I have had the honour of working with clients who demonstrate unrivaled commitment to achieving social and legal justice for First Nations peoples. I have worked principally on issues related to Aboriginal title and rights and achieving reconciliation between our Nations and the Crown. This work includes providing advice to First Nations political leaders on a wide range of issues, participating in policy initiatives with the federal and provincial governments, and supporting First Nations in negotiations with the Crown and third parties.

Outside of my practice, I have had the opportunity to volunteer with organizations committed to protecting the environment through the application of Aboriginal law, and to the education of First Nation youth.



Melissa A. Louie

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Melissa's Bio

I became a lawyer to work with First Nations communities and help to bring about improvements in the overall quality of life for our people. My connection to my heritage as a Coast Salish person of the Tla’amin Nation and my cultural teachings and values are the driving forces in my approach to the practice of law.

Since becoming a lawyer in 2008, I have had the pleasure of working closely with, and learning from, knowledgeable, respectful and committed clients. In my practice I provide legal, political and strategic policy advice on a wide range of treaty-related and Aboriginal title and rights issues. I also work closely with First Nations on various governance-related matters such as drafting constitutions, policies, laws and regulations. My goal is to support First Nations’ efforts towards achieving respect for, and recognition of, our place in this country.

I enjoy being a part of the team at Morgan & Associates. It is a place filled with laughter, creativity and diversity. It is a great environment where I have the good fortune of working with professionals who are conscientious, fair-minded and work diligently to support First Nations’ efforts towards achieving recognition and reconciliation with the Crown.

Zaria Stoffman

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