Nancy A. Morgan

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Nancy's Bio

I have been practicing law for over 30 years. I have focused primarily on Aboriginal and environmental law. I was drawn to this practice area because of my strong beliefs in social justice and sustainability. My work has taken me across BC and north to the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Initiatives I have had the privilege of playing a role in include:

• establishment of the BC treaty process
• negotiating and implementing modern treaties in BC and the Yukon
• recognition of First Nations’ jurisdiction over education
• negotiating shared decision-making and revenue-sharing agreements
• negotiating impact benefit agreements with industry
• drafting legislation and policy.

I also assist First Nations and Aboriginal organizations in shaping their governance and administrative structures to meet their needs and their aspirations. As well, I have served as a director of West Coast Environmental Law and EAGLE, and on the executive of the CBA-BC Environmental Law Section.

The Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory has listed Nancy as one of Canada's leading lawyers in the field of Aboriginal law.

Zaria Stoffman

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Zaria's Bio

I entered law with the strong belief that law can be a tool to improve the world. My legal education and practice have focused on Aboriginal, environmental, and public international law. My education in legal pluralism and the innovative ways countries across the globe are maneuvering multiple legal systems has led me to focus my practice on supporting First Nations in the recognition and protection of their title, rights, and culture, and the incorporation of indigenous laws and Aboriginal governance as part of the ever-growing Canadian legal fabric.

The environment at Morgan & Associates supports my values in guiding my legal practice, as our whole team is deeply committed to the work that we do, and the reasons and the people behind it. I work on a wide range of legal and policy issues related to: modern treaty-making, Aboriginal title and rights, First Nations’ jurisdiction over education, Aboriginal self-governance and land management, environmental and regulatory policy, and Societies Act related matters.

I am extremely fortunate to be working with a firm that has such strong relationships with its clients, and with clients that bring such wisdom and dedication to their work.